Thursday, January 25, 2018

**Shop Update**

It's been a while since I've done a shop update! I just added two banners this afternoon and so many other items have been listed recently. 

The Unicorn theme is insanely popular right now, so I jumped on the bandwagon and added a Unicorn themed highchair banner. It has beautiful shades of light pink, mint green, and gold fabric with sparkly gold tulle.

The banners come in two sizes: 4 feet (2 feet of fabric + 2 feet of jute for hanging) and 5 feet (3 feet of fabric + 2 feet of jute for hanging). The smaller one is perfect for highchairs and the larger one is perfect for hanging on the wall, gift table and food table. Both banners can be used for smash cake photo shoots and later, hung in your child's room.

The second banner I listed today is this beautiful blush pink, ivory, burlap, lace and gold banner. The sizes are the same as the Unicorn banner (and all of my banners). This one doesn't have a burlap pennant in the center, but one can easily be made for it.

I think this one is so delicate and gorgeous! I can just picture it with gold balloons, fresh flowers, and my burlap pennant banner. It's pretty for all seasons and I can't wait to see photos of my clients' sweet babies using these. The burlap adds just the right amount of rustic to the otherwise feminine banner.

Matching onesies, tutus, cupcake/cake toppers and pennant banners can be made in both themes. Just message me with any requests!

Click here to browse my shop and please contact me through the "convo" option on Etsy with any questions!


PS: I'm at 999 sales, someone please order and be my 1000th order!! ;)

January 25

Well, it's January 25th and I've apparently broken my resolution to post daily. For 23 days now. BUT I'm back now.

We've had such a wonderful January. The girls went back to school on January 4th. They were so excited to be back to school and to see their friends. And even happier that the weekend was only 2 days away, instead of 5. Noah went back on Friday the 5th and enjoyed his day as well. The next week was a normal week and then they were out Monday the 15th for MLK Day. Tuesday was normal until...there was snow in the forecast. It started snowing Tuesday night and when we woke up Wednesday morning, it was officially snow globe status. 

Jonathan's work was closed for the day and of course, school was cancelled. They were SO excited when they woke up. The last time it snowed was on my birthday in 2017 and it's really rare for us to have two snows so close together. Jonathan let me get some work done while they kids (impatiently) waited for me so they could go outside. It was SO cold, not getting above freezing all day. I was so paranoid about them getting sick and the snow was super powdery, so they only played outside for a few minutes. They get sick of it quickly anyway because their gloves get wet and so cold! 

School ended up being closed for the rest of the week, so they got another FIVE days off of school! It was another five days of playing with new toys, too much TV, crafts and lazy days. I wasn't expecting to have that time with them, so I tried to make a point to appreciate the unexpected silliness and LOUD voices. They really are so sweet.

The craziest part of living in GA is when it's below freezing with snow on the ground for 3 days and then you have 60 degree days during the weekend. We went to the park on Saturday and the kids rode their scooters and played on the playground and got HOT. Then on Sunday, they spent the rest of the day after church outside with Jonathan, riding bikes and playing. Madelynn learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!! And we went ahead and took Annabella's off too since we probably should have taken Madelynn's off 2 years ago too! They both did so well. Annabella needs some more practice, but Madelynn is good to go and SO proud of herself! I didn't get a single picture though. :( 

This week has been spent getting back into the routine. As long as the weather cooperates, they won't have another day off of school until Spring Intercession in February. The girls and Noah are all so blessed to have amazing teachers at amazing schools and I couldn't be more thankful.

It's almost the weekend!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2

I feel like these last few days of winter break have us in a limbo. We have no structure, nowhere to be, nothing specific to do. We wake up when we want to, never change out of our pj's, and eat with no schedule. It's got. to. stop! I'm losing my mind without the structure of school and my regular schedule without the kids being home. Tomorrow is the last day of break and I know once they go back, I'm going to miss them immediately. It's a tricky situation. The kids spent the day playing nicely together and watching TV. I haven't even tried to limit the TV lately. It's ice cold outside and I just don't have the energy to intervene. Madelynn has a playdate tomorrow with her BF, so Annabella and Noah are going to run some errands with me. It'll be nice to get out of the house. 

Speaking of Annabella...last night we were getting ready to go to bed and she snuck downstairs after she wasn't supposed to. Her hair (as usual) was all in her face. I have to put her hair up every single day because the front of her hair just won't part. It is ALWAYS in her eyes and I absolutely couldn't take it anymore. So I pulled her into the bathroom and chopped the front of her hair into bangs. She wasn't too excited about it, but this morning she was all smiles. 

I can't wait to put her in real clothes and style it. I love watching her look at herself in the mirror and smile. It's too cute. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 1

Today was a very low key day. We all slept in, exhausted from staying up past our bedtimes last night. Jonathan made us watch old Star Wars movies and all the kids wanted to know was where Rey was and who her family is. Telling them that Rey wasn't in those movies just wasn't making sense to them. 😂

I had to get out of the house, so I got to go on a solo trip to Target for a couple of hours. It was nice to get some alone time after so much holiday craziness. On the way out the door I even saw snow flurries! It is freeeeezing this week with highs in the 30's and lows in the teens to low 20's.

Jonathan and I got to do some cleaning and sorting, determined to have a less cluttered 2018. And we ended the night with dinner at Five Guys and a trip to Walmart. It was just a normal family day, but it was so nice to just be together. Spending time together is absolutely my love language and today was the perfect day. 

This is the only pic I took today, but it definitely embodies how cold it was and how lazy we were!