Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seven Weeks Later...

Noah will be 7 weeks old in just two days.  These past 7 weeks have been nothing short of wonderful (and incredibly busy).  He's a peaceful baby who sleeps through the night and loves nothing more than to nurse and be held.  If you put him down and he's not ready, he definitely lets you know.  He has a strong neck and can lift his head quite well, but hates tummy time!  He'll play along for a minute or so, but then he starts complaining and kicking his feet.  It's really cute.  He's grabbing at things and has a hold of my hair every chance he gets.  He's also started smiling and talking to us, especially at night when it's just Jonathan, him and myself.  He eats pretty much constantly, so between long nursing sessions and taking care of the girls, there's not much time left for anything else.  There are days when there just simply has not been time to take a shower or cook dinner, but Jonathan has been so helpful and supportive.  He'll cook for us or get take out and not even ask why I wasn't able to get everything done-he completely understands. Each day seems to get a little easier and as he gets a little older, he's more content for longer periods of time without being held.  The girls distract him a lot and he loves watching them play.  But he doesn't like being alone and knows immediately if he's been left in a room without anyone.  In a house with two constantly rowdy girls, it's hard not to freak out when the room is quiet, so I can't blame him.  He'll sleep through anything except for the dog barking and Annabella's high pitched squealing.  Right now he's asleep on his tummy in his baby gym during a failed attempt at tummy time while the girls play rambunctiously around him and the TV is on.  

I don't think there are words to describe the emotional ups and downs of the first few weeks with three kids under the age of 4.  It's a crazy life that I never thought I'd be living, but it's so obviously what God meant for me to do right now.  I am so blessed and so glad to be able to be with them everyday...even if I do feel like pulling my hair out at least 10 times a day.  :)

They may be cute, but you can't tell me even you don't see the mischief in those eyes!