Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Girl's Christmas Parties 2016

Today Jonathan, Noah and I got to go to the girl's schools and join them for their Christmas parties. It's the first year both girls are in public school together, so it was a pretty hectic morning/afternoon! 

Annabella's class, along with the other pre-K class and kindergarten classes had their annual sing-a-long. Annabella is usually so shy and reserved, but she ROCKED her songs!! She did all of the singing and dancing and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She also enthusiastically waved at us each time she made eye contact and it was the sweetest thing! 

After her sing-a-long, we had lunch with her in her classroom for her class party. Noah is so cute when he goes into Anna's class because the teacher is incredibly inclusive and always lets Noah join in in everything they do. He got his own chair at her table, ate with her and got to make his own reindeer food!

Once we were done with Annabella, we took a short break and got to join Madelynn's class for her party. Today was a special pajama day and they got to eat pizza, have a book exchange, and they sang 3 adorable songs for all of the parents. She wasn't feeling 100%, but she still enjoyed herself and was ecstatic about checking out and going home early!

I am so excited to start winter break with my babies and squeeze in all of the traditions (old and new) that we can before Christmas gets here on Sunday! 

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