Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th in Jekyll Island

On Wednesday the 1st, Jonathan decided he wanted to sneak away to the beach for a long weekend. It's not unlike us to take last minute trips, but with three kids, it's definitely a bit more challenging than it used to be! Together, we pulled it off and at 7:30 Friday morning, we were on the road. I'm so grateful we got to sneak away and Jekyll Island was the perfect choice for our little ones. We ate lots of good food, played in the sand and the ocean, mini golfed, went bowling, found cool playgrounds, watched fireworks and just enjoyed being together. We were crammed into a hotel room with two double beds, a pack and play, and a chihuahua so we had no choice but to enjoy being together!

Waiting (not so patiently) on fireworks! They started 22 minutes late and the kids were exhausted. But once the fireworks started, everyone was so excited and mesmerized that the irritation from the hour before instantly dissipated. They were passed out before we got off the island. Or eye-yand as Annabella pronounced it. :) :) :) 

We were exploring St. Simons Island until this huge storm happened! We managed to explore the pier and a local farmers market and of course, we slipped in some super yummy icecream! Then we got the heck out of there and it rained the rest of the night. We ended up going bowling and playing at the arcade! 

All of the rest of the photos are from our last morning there. We grabbed breakfast at the hotel and brought it with us to eat on the beach. The kids ran around in the grass at the pavilion and then we all went down for a walk on the beach. It's always so hard walking away from the ocean for the last time. We miss it so much when we're gone. The kids LOVED it this year and (fingers crossed) we'll get to go back in September! 

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