Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paint it, don't toss it!

We received this beautiful mirror as a Christmas present from my parents. At the time, it was the perfect addition to our dining room. But as always, tastes change. I would normally donate or sell something if it doesn't match my new taste, but I loved the character in this mirror. If there is something in your home that you aren't in love with, don't hesitate to change it. A simple coat of paint can make a world of difference. 

Here is our mirror in our old dining room.

It was a brown/bronze color. And here it is now!

(You'd think we love brown walls by seeing two rooms from two different houses in the same color, but truth be told, I hate the walls. We painted our dining room a beautiful dark gray after this photo was taken. We're currently using this mirror in our master bedroom and we have plans to paint this room as well. The previous owners painted it this color and it is far too dark for my taste.) 

To update the mirror, I used a sample jar of Behr's Premium Plus Ultra in a matte finish. The color is Island Oasis. I've already used it for other projects and had more than enough for the mirror. These sample jars go a long way when you're doing small projects around the house, so they're definitely worth the $3-$5. 

I didn't take a photo of the paint brush that I used, but it was an old short bristled brush that was dirty and stiff. I wanted the mirror to have an aged look, so the harder the bristles, the better. I drug a little bit of paint onto the mirror at a time, let it dry and then put a second coat. If you over apply the paint, you can lightly sand it in the spots that you want it to appear worn. There is no science to this. You don't have to prep the surface at all. This wasn't real wood, it was more of a heavy veneer, so it was really slick. It didn't matter, the matte finish adhered right onto the surface. 

Here is a detailed shot. You can see more of the aged finish in this shot, although the color is definitely more blue in person. 

Here's the finished product one more time.

I have a lot of things that I want to do in this room. Paint is #1. I also want to gradually change our furniture or paint it. I want a breezy, romantic and rustic feel in here. I want our furnishings to reflect mine and Jonathan's relationship. So I am adding photos of just us, wedding keepsakes, dating keepsakes, etc. I want this to be our oasis, so I have a LOT of work to do! The mirror definitely helps, though!

Now, go find something to paint in your house and tell me all about it!

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