Thursday, July 2, 2015

A kindergartener, a preschooler and a toddler ride in a car...

...for over 5 hours tomorrow because we're going to the BEACH! We planned the trip last night and we're leaving in the morning, so we're super busy. But I wanted to stop in and let you know our plans for keeping the kiddos busy during the car ride. 

New toys or activities are always key in entertaining them for the long run. If you want instant entertainment for your kids, buying something new is usually key, but it doesn't have to be expensive! I took the kids to the Dollar Tree and we picked out some super cheap toys for the ride. 

I bought 3 cookie sheets, 3 packs of stickers, 2 coloring books, a pack of construction paper, a bag of lollypops and (not pictured) 2 zipper pencil pouches. Grand total: $12. My girls are 5 and 3 and are still in a high back booster and a carseat, so there's not a lot of room or mobility available. The pencil pouch was perfect for them to keep crayons in because they can shove it down next to them in their seats without worrying about it falling onto the floor. 

I did a quick Pinterest search for car activities and the only thing I found that was super quick was to use magnets and cookie sheets! I thought it was brilliant because all 3 of the kids love magnets, so Noah could have some new entertainment as well. These cookie sheets have high sides (are they still considered cookie sheets? I have no idea) so the girls can put papers, crayons and stickers inside of them when they're not using them for magnet play. We bought this magnet set from Amazon for Annabella's birthday this year, so I pulled magnets out of the set for them to use in the car tomorrow. I put letter magnets in Noah's cookie sheet because they were bigger and safer for his curiousity.

Here is a photo of my lovely assistant. :)

I put the stickers and crayons in the pencil pouch and I cut the pieces of construction paper in half and gave them both a big stack of that with a variety of colors. Between the stickers, crayons, construction paper and new coloring book, I think they'll be absorbed in art for quite a while. I put everything in little bags that they already have (we got them for $1 at Walmart last year) and I'll also let them choose a few small toys that they'd like to bring with them. We're leaving super early in the morning, so we're hoping they'll sleep the majority of the time anyway. They already have child sized neck pillows and blankets in the van. 

This is a really simple idea. I'm trying to simplify things lately, especially with the children. There were so many complicated, expensive and time consuming ideas on Pinterest and while they were great, I just wasn't going to go to that much trouble and I didn't have enough time anyway. When we were kids, we'd sit in the backseat and play with a stuffed animal and sleep, right? They'll live. We'll talk, sing, and plan our trip while they're not distracted. Plus, we have lollypops. And lots of other snacks. :) 

Wish us luck! Pray for our safe travels. And have a fantastic weekend! Happy Independence Day!!!  

Are you going anywhere this weekend? Tell me all about how you're planning to keep your little monsters entertained in the car in the comments below! 

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