Thursday, July 2, 2015

An Invitation from my Husband

My husband wrote this post on Facebook today. Both of us have been so bothered and so hurt from the insults, unrest, and verbal wars on social media. All that we ask is that you please choose for yourself. Make your own decision. Don't let being "cool" make your decision for you. If you don't live near us, please find a reputable church near you to visit. A reputable church will cite the Bible word for word and they will invite you at the end of service to accept Jesus into your heart and pray at the alter. Be a leader, not a follower. 


I’ve been observing the social/political unrest here on social media for the past
week. I have seen a lot of hate and disdain come out and frankly I’m appalled by it. The libertarian in me wants to explode from the unconstitutional precedence set by high-jacking the 14th amendment to obliterate the 10th. Or from the gross over reach of power by our judicial system into the legislative branch (in which it had no power, until everyone let it happen without as much as an afterthought). Big government is dangerous. Denying states their explicit powers is dangerous and also unconstitutional… but I digress.

My biggest concern is the unadulterated hate that is so narrowly focused on Christians. Under the self-righteous credo, “love wins”, my Faith has been pulled through the dirt and belittled into a “2000 year old fairy tale”. But I’m not mad. I understand the societal pressures to be “hip” and “progressive”. Everyone seems to have the same 10 defenses holstered and ready draw at the next duel of “holier than thou” vs. “I don’t believe in a god that doesn’t fit my list of criteria”. I have removed myself from these conversations completely (with the exception of this post) mainly because I don’t want to fuel the fire. So many conversations, so many self-expressions, so many playful jabs have been vilified and have pushed people apart, further away from what really matters.

So to avoid all of this, and because I am not the most eloquent conversationalist, I won’t divulge into theology or which side deserves to be the loudest. I just simply want to say that I love you. I am genuinely concerned for you as a person, as an individual, as someone that has impacted my life. And because of that I want you to come sit with me one Sunday morning. (Sorry, not this Sunday. I’ll be at Jekyll Island riding sea turtles). But all the Sundays after that, I want you there. Not because one side is right and the other wrong; just simply because I love you.

10:45 am
Woodlake Baptist Church
3940 GA-138
Covington, GA 30014 (Basically Walnut Grove)

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