Thursday, June 11, 2015

Madsy and Mommy Workday

I love our Farmers' Market Saturdays. Our family gets up early on Saturday morning to enjoy "peddle corn", live music and fresh veggies. We love people watching and being a part of the community. I have had a booth there before, several years ago when I made organic body scrubs. This year I decided to have another booth with Madsy Bella items and I had a very special assistant join me.

She absolutely loved helping mommy, modeling her tutu and just being a big girl in general. I can't believe she's old enough to help me. Just the other day she was an itty bitty baby and I was the center of her world. Now, she's growing faster than I can keep up and she's selling my headbands and tutus with me. She was so engaging and did a great job explaining the products and "hard selling." It was pretty hysterical when she was giving potential customers bags and telling them to put all of the stuff they wanted to buy inside of it and give mommy money! ;)

Jonathan, Annabella, and Noah joined us halfway through the morning, so she got to go off with daddy and enjoy the other vendors. It was pretty hot and we got up super early, so she started losing it around 11:30, but I really can't blame her, lol.

We passed out a ton of business cards and talked to a lot of people. I won't be back this week, but the week after we'll go at it again. I'm praying for this to really boost my business and get the community interested in my items. Madsy Bella Boutique is ready to fly and with God's help, it's going to soar! Plus, with a gorgeous view like this, how could standing in the heat ever be a bad thing?

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