Thursday, June 18, 2015

You need Jesus NOW

There have been three tragic occasions this past week that have really shaken me. My life is very much like the lives of those affected. And when tragedies occur, one of the first things we think is, that could have been me.

The first was a beautiful woman who suffered a sudden brain aneurysm and passed away. She was a mother of four young children. A photographer. A wife. An absolute lover of life.

The second tragedy was a family that was ripped apart by a sudden car crash. They woke up as a happy family of five on vacation in Florida and instantly their lives were changed forever. The father, 11 year old son, and 9 year old daughter were killed leaving the mother and 7 year old daughter behind. 

Last night a madman murdered nine people in Charleston. His motives are unknown, but he entered the house of God and shot nine people during Bible study. 

How does my life relate with these tragedies? I'm a mother. A fellow creative. I have two daughters and one son, all two years apart. We awake each morning as a family of five. My child was at VBS last night at our church, learning about Jesus and studying the Bible. But the biggest common factor is this: our relationship with JESUS. Each of these people had a deep relationship with Jesus and their families know for certain they will see their lost family members in Heaven. These people died with a relationship with Christ and they simply moved onto Heaven. While we mourn their losses or make comparisons of our lives to theirs and wonder why it wasn't us, we are comforted by the fact that their souls are safe and they are out of this world and in the arms of Jesus. 

That is the only reason I can handle the hatred and unexpected tragedies in this world. That I don't sit in fear that at any moment my body may fail me. That is the only reason I can get in my car and drive to the store without the crippling fear that a distracted driver may hit us head on. The only way I can drop my daughter off at church without wondering if I'll ever see her again. Life is FULL of tragedies. Horrible things happen to amazing people everyday. And if these people don't have a relationship with Jesus while they're here on Earth, it will be too late for them when the unexpected occurs. There will be no comfort for those left behind. They'll be facing an eternity separated from God and there's not a single thing we can do about it at that point. Don't let that happen to your loved ones. 

Don't let it happen to you. Open the Bible or read it from a reputable source online. Share the gospel. Don't be scared. There are probably 1000 other incidences that have occurred recently to people whose lives are very much like mine and yours. We don't have time to wait. We don't have time to put our relationship with God on hold. You need Jesus NOW.

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