Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I would be lying if I said that life has been easy lately. Moving our family of five into a new home, celebrating two birthdays, updating our new home and experiencing day to day life has been challenging for the past couple of months. Without my amazing husband and our incredibly helpful and loving parents, I would be a complete wreck. Thankfully I am beyond blessed with an amazing support system and my kids are pretty much the best kids on the planet. ;) 

Here is a Currently post to update everyone on our busy lives.

Working on...a million things at once. The basement is under construction right now. We found an awesome guy who is finishing the walls, ceilings, steps and installing doors. Once he's done, Jonathan and I are installing new flooring and then we'll furnish it for our family room/super awesome kids space. I'm also painting Noah's room, as well as the girls' room and arranging furniture and organizing toys in both of the rooms. We still need to install the range fan in our kitchen as well as paint the trim and finishing decorating the walls. The office is still mostly packed up and there are several boxes full of frames and other home decor in our master. It's slow going, but I'm working on the house daily. I can't wait to start photographing each room and posting our progress on the blog.

I'm also working on my Etsy shop a ton. I'm going to be participating in the local farmers market this summer, so I'll need to make a lot of inventory and get my booth planned out. My shop is doing great, I reopened halfway through May and am blown away at the orders. I have given God my business and am doing my best to be obedient to Him and allow Him to grow my business where He sees fit. My main goal right now is to make enough money to send Annabella to preschool at our church. I have absolute faith that God will make that happen.

Reading...Jonathan bought me a new Bible (for the busy mom) for Mother's Day. It has so many quick devotionals throughout and I'm really enjoying it. I'm also doing a couple of devotionals through an app on my phone. Before the move I was reading Beautiful in God's Eyes and I hope to get back to reading it very soon. 

Preparing For...Madelynn to go to school! She's all signed up for kindergarten, so now all we can do is wait for Open House in August. She's thrilled and talks about it all of the time. I am a nervous wreck and am praying that I handle it better when it's time for her to go. I'll also be sending Annabella to preschool for two days a week. It'll be good for her to be around other children without her sister and I'm so excited to see both of my girls flourish and make new friends. Noah and I aren't going to know what to do with ourselves!

Thankful For...Every single second I get to be a wife and mommy. It took a while for me to embrace this role after being an independent working woman for so long. When I had Annabella and became a stay at home mom, I was over the moon excited, but not quite sure what to do with myself or who I was. It's been three years and I am 100% confident in my abilities to love and care for my family. I am beyond grateful to God for blessing me with this life and I know without a doubt that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Raising these babies and teaching them about their Savior, managing our home, earning money and expressing my creativity through my shop and supporting and encouraging my amazing husband throughout his endeavors. Thank you God that I finally know who I am. I am Yours.

Reminiscing About...Our long weekend at the lake last weekend. We took the kids Friday after Jonathan got off of work and spent Memorial Day weekend with his family. We had Friday and Saturday morning to ourselves and then the rest of the family arrived after lunch on Saturday. The kids had so much fun and it was so nice to be able to relax and not even think about my never ending to do list. We even got to take naps in the afternoon! It was so much fun and much needed. 

Here are some super precious photos from our weekend at the lake to wrap up the post!

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