Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Thrift Store Jackpot!!

My mom came to visit us today. I've been stressed out and very nostalgic about moving, so she decided to come by and help with the kids and help pack. I had recently made some purchases at our local thrift store and I had also gotten some awesome finds off the side of the road! <--Yes, I have turned into that crazy person who stops on the side of the road when a particularly enticing pile of trash calls my name! And yes, I've turned into my mother. When I showed her everything I had gotten, she said, "Let's go to the thrift store today!" How could I say no to that?? On top of everything else, once we got there, she bought everything for us. She's the best.

I've recently learned how to really appreciate vintage items. I don't want my entire house to be full of antiques, but I love a good eclectic mix of modern and vintage. I also love refinished furniture and spray painting everything I can get my hands on. Here are some photos of what we found, along with what I plan to do with them.

The mirror is for the girls' room. They're sharing a really large room in our new house and they need a larger mirror for dress up and getting ready in the morning. This is about 4 feet tall, which is perfect for them at this age. It's a very heavy wooden mirror and I plan to paint the frame to match their new color scheme-once we decide what that's going to be. Here is my inspiration from Pinterest:

Moving on...

In this photo you can see two vintage plates, there is also a third one. There were stacks of plates at the store and I just happened to spot the one on the left which was the same pattern as the plates that my great grandmother used to have! I remember eating many homemade meals around the table with my family off of those plates. It was such a wonderful find that brought back so many memories. I found two other plates with different patterns and I'll hang them all in our new kitchen. In the top right hand corner is a pretty little bowl on a pedestal. I'm thinking about using that in our bathroom for cotton balls or something. Those two vintage sheets are in perfect condition and one of them will be used for curtains for the girls room. I may make pillows out of the other one. I have a vision for their room and it's slowly coming together. 

You can see the third plate in this photo. In the top right is a wire basket that I'm planning to use in Noah's room. I want an industrial, rustic, fun room for him. The vintage tissue box and toothbrush cup were a really awesome find. They're both metal and have the prettiest pattern and awesome colors. Our half bathroom is a beautiful blue that I'm actually going to keep, so this will match. The sconce is for the girls' room. I'm going to spray paint the entire thing find a shade for it. 

All of this cost around $20. It's all vintage and worth so much more than mom paid for it. It's very unique and will add so much interest to our home. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. I'll be posting before, progress and after photos of our home on here so we can document our work.

Only 8 more days!!!!

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