Friday, April 17, 2015

We're MOVING!!

This time last year we put our house on the market. Jonathan was reluctant, but I convinced him it was the right thing to do. I'm very convincing and he loves making his wife happy. (He's a really awesome husband) I should have listened to my husband. Instead, my family endured a ridiculous amount of stress because I decided it was time to sell our home. Keeping a house "show ready" with a preschooler, potty training toddler and newborn was insanely difficult. Our house went under contract very quickly, but a week in, they backed out. We couldn't find anything we liked or that fit our must-haves list and it was very hard on us. Finally, after walking away from what I thought was our dream home, we took our house off the market. Jonathan said from the very beginning that it wasn't the right time. I was too impatient to listen and the whole family paid for it. We agreed we'd try again a year later.

So here we are a year later and BOTH of us agreed that it was time to put our home on the market. We contacted a great realtor and within a week of calling her, the house was up and listed. The first day that it was listed on MLS, we had a showing. The next day we had an offer! We were 30 days away from being homeless! So we put a list together of houses we wanted to see and the next day we went out with our agent. At the last minute, I added one more house for us to see and we went to see it last. I immediately fell in love. The next morning I saw it a second time and we made an offer then and there. FOUR days into putting our house on the market, our house was under contract and we had a contract on a new house. 
Our New House

There is NO way I can take credit for this. This was 100% God. Last year was not the time for us to move. Our house sat on the market without anyone coming to look at it and our realtor had no idea why. We know now that it wasn't selling because it wasn't time for us to sell. God always has a plan and try as we will to interfere, it's not going to change anything. The buying and selling process has gone so smoothly this time. We are so excited about moving. 

We're less than two weeks away from closing and I'm just now getting some jitters, but overall I'm not very nervous. It's more that I'm being nostalgic about leaving the place that we brought our babies home from the hospital, that they took their first steps, that we grew and transformed right before our eyes as a couple and as children of God. The place that I have painted and repainted a hundred times. The yard that holds my favorite tree that we picnic under and play under during the hot summers. This was our first house as a married couple and almost all of our memories from the wedding forward occurred here.

Our memories will come with us and we'll always love this house, but I can't wait to make more memories at our new house. I also can't wait to dive in and start painting and upgrading the inside! The kids have the coolest bedroom situation and they're also going to have a really fun basement family room. The backyard is huge and fenced in, so they and the dog will be safe and sound in the backyard.

Only 12 more days!!   

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