Thursday, February 26, 2015

Make the most of your tiny workspace!

I mentioned in my family room tour that I have a small workspace in the back of the room. I don't want to miss out on family time, but sometimes the only time I can catch up on work is on the weekends or when Jonathan gets off work. This little workspace in the back of the family room is perfect. When I need more room, I relocate into the dining room, which is where we do a lot of our crafting and projects already. One day I'll have a studio, but until then, this fits my needs perfectly.

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I got the desk from my parents basement and painted it yellow for when it went in our kitchen. I'll be repainting it soon. The chalkboard is a mirror that I got from the thrift store and repainted. I use mason jars with chalkboard labels for desktop storage and all of the drawers are organized with various supplies. I also got the bamboo tray/basket from the thrift store and I use it to hold current fabric that I'm working with.

I definitely prefer chalkboard markers over chalk. It look so much nicer too.

I keep my planner, journal, and binder on the desk. I can use the sewing machine on the desk for small projects, but move it into the dining room for larger ones.

This is the perfect verse, isn't it?

I store my yarn, fabric and laptop in this armoire along with other supplies. It's right behind my desk and it saves so much space on and in the tiny desk.

Here is my little nook tucked in the back. You don't have to have a huge space for working. With some creativity, you can make the most of any little space in your home.

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