Thursday, February 26, 2015

Family Room Tour

Our family room is the heart of our home. For some people it's the kitchen, but not for us. We love movies, cuddling, and there is so much room to play and dance in the family room. The ceilings are high, the room is very large and it's tucked in the back of the house. After I started Madsy Bella Boutique, I needed a desk space of my own to work and I added a small little desk in the back. So when I need to catch up on orders and make plans for the business, or even do some quick sewing and organizing, I don't have to leave the family room, everything is right there. 

This is the view coming in from the foyer. The room is also sunken, so it makes it feel extra cozy to me. 

When I redid this room, I only paid for paint and the rug. The couches, chairs, and the buffet that the TV is on are second hand from my in laws. The shutters are pantry doors that my parents got off the side of the road. I painted them white and hung IG photos on them with mini clothes pins. The armoire next to the couch is furniture that I bought after I graduated high school! It's been in every room in this house. I can't let it go. I got the table that's in between the chairs from my grandmother and it's on it's second paint job.  

Here is the TV stand and shutters again. The buffet is excellent for storage. We have our video game consoles and internet stuff inside the cabinet, along with controllers, cords, the kids' DVDs, etc. Jonathan just drilled a hole in the back of it so we could pull the cord through and the shutter on the left is hiding the cord mess.

We have kids. I'm not trying to hide that fact, so we have a few bins and baskets with toys. I also added some bright colors for whimsy. 

Here is a detailed shot of the shutters. I'm think I'm going to distress them and I'm also going to hang some bunting of some kind on them. They need a little more decoration.

The distressed trunk holds extra blankets. And keeps the baby out of the fireplace. Notice my Valentine's mantle? I love love. I don't want to take it down.

My workspace is right behind the chairs. It's just enough space for now. Until I can create a full studio space. :)  When I need more space, I just move into the dining room. It's got great light and the table is excellent for crafting.

You can see my messy kitchen that opens up into the family room behind the chairs. So when one of us is cooking, communication is still open into the family room. It's the perfect room for our growing family.

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