Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby's Got Teeth! And funnies from Madsy

Annabella is 14 months old and today I noticed a great big white molar in her mouth!  She never lets me look in her mouth.  Since she started cutting her first tooth, she has always clamped down her jaws when I try to take a peep at her teeth, and inevitably, I get bitten.   So today I used the toothbrush (which she loves) to trick her into opening up.  Turns out she has 3 molars coming in!  That makes four teeth up top, four on the bottom, and three soon-to-be molars.  She's been such a trooper while they've been coming through, besides the drooling and chewing, I would have had no idea!  She's also learned how to climb up on the couch this past week and every morning she and Madelynn jump on the bed together.  My baby's not a baby anymore.

Speaking of Madelynn, she has been on fire lately.  She is always saying or doing something hilarious.  Lately, she's been dressing up her babies and stuffed animals in Annabella's clothes.  Envision a sparkly pink lamb wearing a too-big tank top .  And her obsession with being tied up and tying up her toys has not passed.  I found two naked barbies tied together with a scarf was both unsettling and really funny.  She spends most of her day wearing her panties because she says she's "too hot", so finding a naked Barbie isn't unusual.  She has also been very into playing the guitar and singing lately.  She plays Jonathan's acoustic and her play guitar and sings along while she strums.  It's adorable.  I think we have a future rock star on our hands.  

Recent quotes from my big girl:

"Mommy! It's dark outside, it's going to rain, it's midnight! We have to save the day and turn the sky back to blue and bring the sunshine out before it's too late!! It's an emergency!!! Mommy, don't laugh, you're making it worser and worser and worser. This is an emergency!"

"Mommy, it's very important that you listen to everything that I say and don't tell me no."  

"Where'd that cow go?  I think it's on top of the car.  Yeah, it's on top of the car."  

While watching her Grand Daddy cut the grass in just his shorts: "Granny, Grand Daddy needs to put some clothes on!"  (She's one to talk!)

There's never a dull moment with these two girls!!

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