Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Madelynn's FIRST Day of Kindergarten

Madelynn has been in school almost a month. She has been flourishing and is loving every minute of it. She has a great teacher and is meeting wonderful friends and coming home with hilarious stories. Every morning we pray on the way to school, just like we did last year and I hope that it makes a difference in her day. That she remembers to thank God for what He's done for her and she remembers to ask Him to help her get through her day when she's having a rough time. 

A few days before school started, she got really nervous. She was crying because she was afraid that she wouldn't make any friends. She has never had a real school experience. Even when she was in preschool for the few months that she went, it was in a familiar place with familiar faces and she only went half a day. She was scared because she was going to miss us and she didn't want to spend an entire day at school. But after Open House, she became more excited and when we walked her to her classroom Wednesday morning, she couldn't have been more excited. She barely said goodbye before she sat down in her spot. Here are some photos from her first day.

These are a couple from her second day. She had P.E. so she was dressed more comfortably.

And then there's this picture. The one that took my breath away. Watching my husband walk his little girl to school for her first day of kindergarten. Watching him lead her into school as we let her go for the first time into a new world. It was insanely difficult for me, but I held it together. Letting go is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

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