Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our DIY Farmhouse Styled Buffet

I haven't revealed our farmhouse inspired kitchen, but it's coming very soon! Right now, I'd like to show you how I styled the buffet in our eat in kitchen. The kitchen is very large, divided by an island in the middle. In a bay window we have our dining set from our old dining room and the buffet. The wall behind the buffet is HUGE, so it was really difficult to style. I wanted the room to feel cohesive AND like it was two separate spaces. It was a challenge. I kept the farmhouse style with the items on the buffet, wall decor and the furniture we already had was very farmhouse-y. 

Here is how I styled our buffet for a cohesive farmhouse feel with items we had from around the house. 

I am the queen of DIY. I will scrounge up items from around my house and make decor way before I'll go buy something new. I painted both of the thrifted frames that are in the back. The on the left is framed scrapbook paper and the one on the right is a botanical print from a book that I bought super cheap from Amazon. (There will be details about that in the kitchen reveal) The milk bottles that you see are DIY projects as well. You can see what I made them from here. The Ikea tray that they're sitting on is the only new item on this buffet. But it's so pretty and it resembles eyelet lace, so I couldn't resist buying it.

The plates hanging on the wall were thrifted. They were $0.25 each. The one in the middle is extra special because that is a plate from the same exact dish set that my great grandmother used to own! It's not her actual plate, but it's identical. And it makes me feel so warm and happy when I see it. I can remember her serving delicious meals on those plates and how much fun it was to handwash them while I got to stand on the stool at her house. I can't believe I just happened to come across one at the thrift store. 

The tea pot, sugar bowl and Japanese statue are from my dad's mom. She passed away and I inherited a lot of treasures from her.  The books that the tea pot is sitting on are mechanic books from my husband's grandfather. They're very old and very beautiful. It's very important to me to decorate with meaningful items. Seeing a plate like my great-grandmother's, dishes from my grandmother and books from Jonathan's grandfather are daily reminders of those that we love and miss so deeply.

You can see the full buffet here, which surprisingly we bought from Ikea. It's discontinued now. You can tell how long the wall is that spans through the eat in portion all the way to the rest of the kitchen. And beside the buffet is a chair that used to sit beside my grandmother's bed. I recovered the cushion with some extra fabric I had lying around and I left all of the marks on the chair because wood needs marks-it needs scratches, bumps and creases for character.

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