Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Madelynn is FIVE!!

Our big girl turned FIVE yesterday. 

We had a rainbow themed birthday party on Sunday. Our amazing friends and family joined us for bouncy house fun, water fights and sunshine. There was so much love in our new house, it was overwhelming. We hadn't even been at the house for three weeks, but I was determined to have her party at our house. It was the BEST way to start our new lives here. Turns out the house is excellent for entertaining and the yard is perfect for the kids! Madelynn had the MOST fun! 

On her actual birthday mom took the kids and me out to lunch. We went to "Mexicans" per her request. (After we talked her out of the "House Restaurant" aka Arbys) She got to wear the sombrero and eat a special sopapilla. When Jonathan got home we opened presents, ate watermelon and pizza and had family movie night. She had several cupcakes left over, so we relit the candles and sang to her one more time. They got to stay up a little late and we had so much fun celebrating our FIVE year old!

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I pray that you always keep your sassy attitude, that you continue to be the leader and that you always love with all of your heart. You are so precious to us and you're becoming a young lady right before our eyes. We could never describe how proud of you we are. We love you Baby Bear, Madsy Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Madelynn Ann. 

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