Thursday, February 26, 2015

2014 Wrap Up

It has been SO long since I've updated!! I feel so bad and am making a personal goal to update more often so we can preserve these sweet memories of our babies. 

For Halloween I made all three of the kids costumes in one day because we thought in town Trick-or-Treating was a week later than it really was! Madelynn was Elsa, Annabella was Anna, and Noah was Olaf from Frozen. They were adorable. It was surprisingly hot and we stood in line forever to get candy in downtown Loganville, but we ended up having a great time.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We went to Uncle Alex and Aunt Ashley's house in Cumming with our family and Ashley's family. All of the cousins got to play together and tons of fun was had by all. It was a really great Thanksgiving and the road trip with all three of the kids was really NOT bad at all. The next day on Black Friday, we bought Vanna! Our new Grand Caravan. After making the cramped drive in the Journey all the way to Cumming and having wanted a minivan for some time, we took advantage of an awesome Black Friday sale and got a BRAND NEW minivan for the family. As resistant as I was, I love my minivan and will probably never drive anything else again, lol! 

During the holidays, Noah started walking! In December, at 10 months old, he took his first steps and by Christmas he was basically running everywhere he went!

Christmas was! We stayed home all day long this year. We had a fun breakfast of cinnamon rolls in the morning and opened presents. Then I cooked Christmas lunch for us and Nonni and Papa came over with a ham to eat with us. Once they left, Granny and Grand Daddy came over in the evening and we had another Christmas together. We also hosted Christmas Eve at our house with Grandmama Cook, Mike, Christina and Ethan. Here are some of my favorite photos with the NEW CAMERA that my amazing husband gave me for Christmas!! I'm the luckiest mama ever. :)

These are from Christmas Eve

Nothing like a quality photo of all of the kids in front of the Christmas Tree

Just a couple from Christmas Morning

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