Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer 2014

This was our first summer as a family of five. It was an amazing summer full of wonder, growth and love.  

We had new experiences

Learning to crawl

Eating solids for the first time

First time in ballet for Annabella-new ballet class for Madelynn

First day of preschool

Learning to stand

And there was that time that Noah learned to drive

Made more forts than we could count

Farmers Market Saturdays were the highlight of the weekend. Peddle corn!!

There were fights...

But we always made up

We conquered our fears and made mama proud

We went horseback riding

And to royal balls

We kissed boo-boos and dried tears

We went on adventures to foreign lands

There were so many smiles, so much love, and so many memories. We are so, very blessed.


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