Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We're Selling the House

Jonathan and I decided to sell our house. It's something we talk about from time to time, based on the fact that we bought this house as an investment. The market had just crashed when we bought it and we got it for a steal. So we've been patiently waiting for its value to go back up so we could sell it and move on to better things. I don't think I realized just how attached I am to this house. 

When we moved in it was an unpainted, unwelcoming shell of a building. As the years crawled by, we watched this shell of a house morph into the welcoming, loving, and comforting sanctuary that it has become. We came home from our honeymoon to this house, I found out I was pregnant with two of our babies in the downstairs bathroom, I ran into Jonathan's arms in the backyard when I announced my pregnancy with Annabella to him, we brought all three of our babies home from the hospital to this home and we watched the girls take their first steps, say their first words, and eat their first meals right here. Jonathan planted and planted trees and flowers when I was pregnant with Madelynn because he had dreams of her running and playing in the yard when she got bigger and he wanted it to be nice for his new family. I painted and repainted walls, collected furniture and knickknacks and watched the rooms evolve into family friendly spaces for us.  Madelynn was dedicated to Jesus in our family room because our pastor resigned and was sweet enough to do it in our home. This home is built upon our love for one another. We've thrived in this house because of God's grace and favor. I've gotten down on my face and desperately prayed to God on this very carpet time and time again. And while we've grown, loved, lived, and expanded in this home we know we can't stay here for the memories. The memories will come with us, the kids will come with us and we'll have lots of new firsts in our next house. 

The house that we're interested in is another shell of a house. It needs work, paint, and love. It needs the running of little feet and it needs to see Noah take his first steps. The yard will need some attention from Jonathan so we can watch our babies run and play safely among the flowers and trees. We'll have a fence for Puppy and a deck for barbecues. Big changes are never easy. It would be so much less stressful and just plain easier to stay here, but we know that's not the right decision for us. As I'm typing, I'm waiting for my agent to tell me that the buyers have signed and we're under contract. I haven't moved in six years and I've NEVER moved with children, much less with two wild little ones and a nursing infant. Please say a prayer for our sanity!

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