Friday, May 23, 2014


Life lately has been incredibly busy. Madelynn just celebrated her 4th birthday and has one last celebration with my side of the family on Sunday. Annabella is potty training and it's not going well AT ALL. Noah is nursing pretty much constantly. And during all of this we're trying to sell our house which means it has to be clean and "show ready" pretty much all of the time, which is nearly impossible with three cats, a dog and three children. Also, we've found a house and have entered the negotiation stage with the seller's agent. We are absolutely in love with everything about this house. It was built in 1972 so it has so much charm and so much potential. One reason I wanted to buy another house was so I could have a project to work on. I don't want a brand new house that doesn't need any fixing up, I love DIY and making big changes to turn someone else's house into our home. This house is perfect. All of the work that it needs is all cosmetic, so it's work I can do by myself while Jonathan's at work. The biggest feature for me is the yard. It has a huge, extremely private fenced in back yard with a beautiful deck right off of the kitchen through french doors. It's perfect for our family. I can see us eating on the deck while the kids run and play in the backyard. It's perfect for birthday parties and holidays. The street that it's on is immaculate, quiet, and exactly what we were looking for. We are avidly praying that everything goes smoothly and God sends a buyer for our home so we can move on. Here is a photo of the house we'll [hopefully] be buying soon. (It needs shutters, so imagine that they're already there!)

I am completely smitten with it. But along with buying a new house comes inspections, tons of paperwork, e-mails, and phone calls all while juggling our house and kids. It's a pain, but I know it'll be worth it. We haven't even started packing yet since we don't have a buyer for our home, but I have started cleaning out our house and cutting back on the items we own. We're hoarders. Particularly Jonathan...but I tend to keep a lot of home decor and clothing that can easily be parted with. 

Jonathan is also facing a lot of new changes at work that are going to be keeping him very busy and possibly working more often. I'm willing to pick up the slack here because I know that this is leading to great things for him and opening so many more doors, but it's going to be a struggle for sure. I'm so proud of him and how successful he has become at his job in such a short amount of time. He provides so well for our family and I don't know what I'd do without such a hardworking, loving man. He's the best dad and the kids absolutely adore him. 

While I'm getting through this exhausting season, I know that the only way I can be successful is by keeping my head up and my mind focused on God. I have tried to get through tougher times than these without the help of God and all it got me was grief, anger, and even more exhaustion. I know we'll get through this and when it's all said and done and we're settled into our new home, we'll be beyond grateful and we'll owe it all to Him.  :)

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