Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Letter to Annabella on her Birthday

My sweet Annabella,

Today at 2:31, you turned two years old.  I sat and watched the clock for over 30 minutes while you napped so I could reminisce at exactly 2:31.  I remembered how relieved I was when you were finally here, exactly what you looked like, how I held my breath until I heard you cry for the first time, and I thanked God for the miracle and gift that you are.  

About an hour old

You are quite a little girl.  You're so smart, independent, funny, initially shy, and inquisitive.  You're talking more and more every day and have just started saying, "Love you!"  Up until Monday, you pretty much refused to ever say it and when I heard you say it for the first time, I almost cried.  Who am I kidding?  I totally had tears in my eyes.  

Your first birthday

Your favorite things to do are play with water, play with your Tinker Bell toys, draw with sidewalk chalk, run with Madelynn, eat, and dance.  You are an awesome dancer and twirl and twirl with Madelynn and daddy when we have dance parties at night.  You and your sister fight, but you always make up and spend more time playing together than fighting.  You're always happy to love Noah, give him his paci, and cover him up with your pink blankets.  The highlight of your day is when daddy comes home from work at night.  

Right before your 2nd birthday party

I love you more than you'll ever know.  I thank God every day for you and try as hard as I can to memorize every moment and every first that we have together.  You're growing before my eyes and as much as I'd like to keep you small forever, I am in love with seeing you learn and develop.  I beam with pride when you learn something new and can't wait to do it over and over for us.  I love your obsession with tiny toys and how you always make your dolls kiss each other.  I love your kindness and how you only want me to hold you when you're nervous.  I love how you think the world of Madelynn and imitate everything that she does.  I love your spirit.  You're going to do great things, little one.  I am honored that I get to be your mommy and watch you every step of the way.

I love you sweet girl.

Love, Mommy

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