Monday, January 20, 2014

Life As We Know It...

I'm entering week 39 of my pregnancy with Noah and as anxious as I am to meet my precious son, I have to remind myself that life as we know it is about to drastically change.  These are the last few days that we will be a family of four.  Our lives won't revolve around just two precious little girls, but a little boy as well.  Annabella will no longer be "the baby" and Madelynn will assume the role of big sister to two little ones.  My attention will be split between three children who need my all and we'll have to reprogram how we live, being a new family of FIVE.  Nothing will ever be the same again. And while that's okay and I'm so excited to embrace our new lives, I'm finding myself soaking up every single second of what I have now.  What I've known for the last two years.  These two precious faces that are growing up faster than I can stand.

I remember how scared I was when Annabella was born.  I was induced the day after Easter and I cried almost all day long on Easter because that was Madelynn's last day as the only child.  She was too young to understand what was going on and I was so afraid she was going to feel sad and left out.  Of course she adjusted better than I ever expected and she became a fantastic big sister.  This time I'm not quite as worried about how they're going to adjust because they're such sweet and loving little girls.  Noah is going to think he has three mommies with as much love as they're going to give him. What's better than a real life baby doll?!  

So I head into this new journey with no idea what life will be like with three children, but so absolutely excited and thrilled to see what God has in store for us.  In the mean time I'm going to spoil, hug, love, and cuddle with my little girls.  

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