Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Snow Day!!

Today it snowed!!  The girls were SO excited!  I had a doctor appointment at 11 this morning, so they were at mom's when it started.  The second flurries started, Madelynn called me ecstatic that "everything was going to be white!" and asking when she could go play. It didn't take long before the ground was covered and the second I walked in the door to bring them home, they were both begging to go out and play in it. Annabella kept pointing out the window saying, "No, No.  See no?"  This was Annabella's first snow and the first snow that Madelynn can remember. Watching their excited faces and seeing them experience it for the first time was precious.  

Once Jonathan got home from work (which was several hours early, of course), we bundled up the girls and took them out.  The neighbors were out, so they all got to play together.  They learned how to make and throw snowballs and just how much fun making designs in the snow with sticks was.  They played on their bikes and ran as fast as they could.  It was so adorable.  

After a little while, Annabella was announcing that she was "told", so we packed it up and came inside for a family dinner and a warm fire in the fireplace.  It was such a fun and unexpected day.

On a different note, today is my due date with Noah!  I'm 40 weeks pregnant and more than ready to meet my little man.  I've made a little more progress, but the doctor discussed with me that he doesn't want me going over 41 weeks and that Noah appears to be a pretty big baby.  Annabella was 8lb, 9oz so I'm hoping he's not much bigger than that.  We decided to induce him this Saturday.  I could still go into labor at any time, so he just might be born in January.  Otherwise, we're looking at a February 1st birthday.  Only 4 more days!!!

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