Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Short Story by Madelynn

Jonathan and Madelynn were telling "spooky stories" in her tent the other night by the light of the glow stick.  This is the tale that Madelynn told, best understood if you use your spookiest three year old little girl voice.

Pancakes the Glow Stick

Once there was a glow stick named Pancakes.  And he was lonely.  So he went and got a chihuahua named Jimmy.  So, Pancakes and Jimmy went to the beach and a big wave splashed onto the beach and washed Jimmy away. Then Pancakes was lonely forever.

BUT a really nice penguin came and saved Jimmy and I rescued Pancakes and was his friend!!

Spooky, huh?  Madelynn is the most imaginative little girl I have ever met.  She is constantly making up stories, drawing pictures, creating forts out of the most ridiculous items, playing mommy, and she makes us laugh constantly.  Now that Annabella is getting older, I'm seeing her using her imagination a lot more too.  Her favorite thing to do is eat, so she'll feed us blocks or necklace soup.  The two of them bring so much joy to our lives and I cannot wait to have our sweet little boy join this wacky family of ours!  

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