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Noah's *NEW* Room Reveal!

Noah’s Room Reveal

It’s been two months since we closed on our house. We've worked in every single room and honestly, there’s not a single room that is complete. But if I had to choose one, I’d choose Noah’s room. His room is the easiest. It’s a nice size, not too big and not too small. We live in a cape cod, so the upstairs ceilings are sloping, making some of the walls shorter than standard walls, which made it very easy to paint.

Here is the room as it looked when we first purchased the house. It was fine. Just not our style.

And here is the room as it looks now. **This room has very little natural light, so please excuse the darkness in the photos**

I bought a gallon of gray paint for the lower cabinets and island in our kitchen (which is SO close to being finished, I can't WAIT to post about it!) and I had a TON of paint left over. So I used it in his room. If you're wondering, the 2 doors that you see from the entrance into his room are the closet and the hall going into the finished bonus room. The girls share the bonus room for their bedroom because we thought it'd be cool for all three of them to have this wing of the house for themselves. They LOVE it.

At our last house, we were still transitioning Noah from our bed to his bed, but he was still sleeping our room. He NEVER slept in his room that I slaved over when I was pregnant with him!  When we moved into this house, we started him out in his room immediately. It took a couple of days of adjustment, but now he sleeps through the entire night right here in his crib. Because we co-slept for over a year, I put a body pillow along half of the crib so he has something soft to roll into and he loves sleeping on pillows, so he has his own bed pillow. I bought this crib second hand for $70. I also use the Ikea Poang chair in the corner on the off chance that he wakes up in the middle of the night. Below it, we keep his baby monitor and a sound machine, he sleeps very well with the rain option playing throughout the night. 

I bought this dresser second hand as well and I repainted it this fun green and spray painted the knobs with Rustoleum’s oil rubbed bronze. I absolutely LOVE their metal spray paints. They have a very authentic metal look, so I highly recommend them for all sorts of projects. I try to buy as many wooden toys as I can for him, they last longer and look cooler to me. The lanterns are from Ikea and I thought they were string lights, so when I opened the box to find only lanterns, I had to get creative. I strung them on jute and simply tacked them to the wall. He loves them and points at them saying, “ball!” The trash can is a basket that I bought for $1 at a thrift store. I painted some areas green and left the rest natural. It blends nicely with the room and looks much better than a plastic can.

I had these “Noah” letters and frames in his other room, the same color. I printed pictures of him and hung them with washi tape so we can update them as he gets bigger. I made this train table from an Ikea Lack coffee table and fabric remnants that I found at Walmart. The train track is from Ikea also, your guess is as good as mine on where the rest of his trains are! My parents bought him this tent. He gets in it all of the time and plays peek-a-boo. The girls get in with him often and all of them enjoy it.

This nook is my favorite part. The previous owners built in desks in the bedrooms that have dormers. Originally, I didn’t think I’d keep the one in here because he’s too small for a desk, but we’re planning on staying here for the long run, so I knew I should probably keep it for homework when he gets bigger. Right now I put his bean bag inside and it's more of a toy and reading nook. I made the curtains from a duvet that I found at Ikea for $15. If you remember, the matching pillow case is on Noah’s pillow in his crib. I simply cut the duvet in half, hemmed the edges and created a rod pocket at the top. I used a tension rod to hang it and used jute to pull back the sides.

The rug is also from Ikea. Jonathan has instilled a healthy love for Hot Wheels in all of the kids, so the three of them get down and play on this rug all of the time. I use bins for Noah’s toys. It makes clean up so quick and easy and even he can clean up without much help from me.

While I would love a house full of “Pinterest perfect” rooms, they just aren't practical. And they're holding a standard over your head that is just not attainable unless no one else lives in your house. Kids need toys and unfortunately some of them are big and not so attractive (ahem, race track and tent), but they make my baby smile and he is using his imagination like crazy when he plays in his room. 

Still on my to-do list for this room:
  •     Paint the dormer nook the same green as the dresser (if you notice, it’s still the original green that it was when we bought the house, I’ve intended to paint it an accent color from the beginning)
  •     More wall décor
  •     Transform crib to toddler bed soon
  •     Find ways to bring more light-more white accents and more lighting in the back corner

I hope you enjoyed Noah’s room reveal! If you're wondering, he’s 17 months old and this room suits his needs perfectly! Stay tuned for our kitchen reveal, basement reveal and Madelynn and Annabella’s room reveal! 

Are y'all redecorating any rooms right now? Have you recently moved into a new house? Comment below and tell me all about it!

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