Monday, March 2, 2015


I haven't done a Currently post in months. Writing helps me to make sense of my life and I think a Currently post is definitely in order. So...

I am currently...

Thinking About- So much. Too much. We want to try to sell the house again this year and we really need to get it on the market now, but it requires so much work and I'm not motivated. Last year we took it off the market because so many houses were for sale in our neighborhood and we were just not feeling it with a newborn and two little girls 4 and under. This year, I feel like we're much more prepared mentally and we've made the house much more visually appealing since last year. I'm just not ready for all of the work involved. We also have no idea where we're going to move if we do sell our house. Too many grown up decisions. 
I'm totally stressing about homeschooling Madelynn. Some days I'm 100% content with our decision to homeschool her. Other days, I'm a complete mess about it. Is it the right decision for our social butterfly? Am I going to be enough for her? I don't want to start this endeavor in our current house and we need a home that has a dedicated room for homeschooling which is going to be a task to find. If we do homeschool her, we need to find a sport/activity for her to participate in, but what do we choose? Kids activities can be very expensive.
I'm also thinking about how much God loves me and how He has a plan for us. But I'm constantly scrambling around trying to figure it out-I need to sit. Be still. Listen to Him. It's so hard for me. I need answers now.

Listening To-JJ Heller. One of her songs came on Pandora a few weeks ago and it turned out her albums were Prime on Amazon, so we get to listen for free. I love her music. It's a perfect combination of folksy, singer songwriter and Jesus. The kids love it too.

Reading- Jonathan and I were reading a daily devotional, but we've fallen off the wagon and we need to catch up the entire month of February. So we'll be doing 2-3 devotionals a day until we're caught up. I also need to choose a new book for my daily quiet time, I just finished Exodus. 

Thankful For- I'm thankful for Jesus and every moment that He gives us. I squander so much of it-time with the kids, moments with my husband, opportunities to love and give more. But He gives me more grace than I deserve and I get the opportunity to do the right thing again.
I've also been extremely thankful for my husband lately. Not only is he an amazing husband, but he's the best daddy. He loves the kids so much and he makes a point to spend quality time with them everyday. Every decision he makes revolves around our family and I'm so thankful for the man that he's become. We've been together since we were barely teenagers, so we've had the privilege of watching each other grow up. Our journey has been crazy, but today I am so incredibly thankful for where we are, who we've become and who we will become as we grow and mature with the Lord.

Photographing-I spent a lot of time photographing, editing and replacing photos in my Etsy shop this weekend. Jonathan was on kid duty most of Saturday morning so I could reorganize and revamp my shop in the silence of our bedroom. Then I made a couple of new items, photographed them and added them to the shop. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the babes this weekend, so that will be my goal for this week. However, yesterday Madelynn took her camera to Sunday School and she got a lot of adorable photos of her Sunday School class, so that's a win for my baby girl. 
However, in January I took an entire day to myself to drive all around the farms in our area and photograph our little corner of the world. These are a few pics from that day. I hope I get the itch to do it again soon. :)

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