Monday, August 25, 2014


Inspired by Kristen from When at Home, I'm writing a Currently post. 

I am currently...

Thinking About...God. I have spent so much time thinking about God lately. How much He loves us, how clear His expectations of us are and how so very important it is to raise my children in the ways of the Lord.  Also, about how little of myself and my time I'm giving to Him. I spend brain numbing hours on social media or watching television and I can feel that I'm in a funk. When I immerse myself in His word, read soul reviving material and spend less time on the computer, it's so good for my soul. And good for the people around me because reading His word reminds me of how I should be acting and treating others. It reminds me to extend grace, patience, kindness and love. It reminds me of what is truly important on this side of heaven. Madelynn is asking so many questions about Him lately and she's so observant of His creations. It's wonderful answering her questions about God or hearing her newest observation about something God made or does. Annabella is starting to say her own prayers at night and my ears have never heard anything more precious. (Besides Madelynn's heartfelt prayers) I am so incredibly blessed, this entire life with my husband, children, family and friends is such a gift. I don't want to waste it anymore. And I don't want to waste time anymore. I'm learning to give it all to Him.

Listening To...I wasn't listening to anything besides Christian Rock on Pandora and Taylor Swift (thanks, girls!) but after reading Kristen's Currently post, I was introduced to Gungor. And I am so in LOVE! 

Reading...I'm reading a daily devotional called The Essential Jesus and Women Living Well: Find your Joy in God, Your man, Your kids, and Your home. I need to choose a book in the Bible to work on by myself as well.

Thankful For...I don't even know where to start...God. My hardworking, loving and supportive husband. My amazing, individual, creative and wonderfully loving children. Our home. Modern conveniences that we take for granted, really don't need, but deeply appreciate. And so much more...

Photographing...Nothing. Zip. I take a camera pic every once in a while, but I haven't gotten the camera out nearly enough lately. These days are so precious and the kids are getting so big, so quickly, that I want to photograph them as much as possible, I don't want to forget a moment of this season of life. Below is a photo of Annabella after ballet with Noah, while we were waiting on Big Sister to finish her tap class and Madelynn sitting on top of this huge structure she climbed at the playground. She was so proud of herself. 

Writing this kind of post on a Monday morning has really started my week off on the right foot. If you have a blog, I encourage you to do the same and if not, journal your currently. Have a great week!


  1. Have you listened to Taylor Swift's new single? I'm still a bit undecided about it.

    I'm also trying to photograph more!

  2. My daughters LOVE Taylor, so of course we've heard it! I'm not loving the video, but I guess the song isn't too bad. :)

  3. Great post.
    I'm here from Currently.
    There are so many great books to read.
    Try Holiness for Housewives. It's about how God meets us where we are in our vocations as Mothers. I put a Crucifix and candle above my sink, and I pray as I am doing the dishes.

    Love Taylor. The new song is growing on me.


    1. Thanks, Emily! I'll put the book on my "to read" list!