Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

It's always a treat when Jonathan is home on a weekday. Yesterday was Memorial Day, so we got an extra day together as a family. An agent was showing our house in the morning, so after spending some time cleaning up, we got ready and left for a late breakfast at Chick-fil-A. The girls ate quickly so they could go play and Jonathan and I got to have some quiet time together. In a restaurant. It was amazing. :)  The play area is closed in and inside, so we could see everything they were doing, but we couldn't hear any of the squealing and screaming. Pure bliss for all.  I wore Noah, so he was snuggly and asleep, you could hardly tell he was there.

After that we went shopping for food to grill and we let Madelynn spend some of her birthday money. Through some persuasion from daddy, she decided to buy a big pool for the backyard. She also got a kite for her and her sister and some bubbles. The rest of the day was a wet, splashy, bubbly good time. I don't deserve this family of mine.

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