Friday, August 23, 2013

What are the girls up to?

Madelynn and Annabella are growing faster than I ever thought possible. There are nights where Jonathan and I sit and flip through our phones and Facebook pictures wondering where on earth the time went.  It's so cliche and I rolled my eyes at my parents every time they said it to me, but it's so true. Here is an update on what the girls are up to.

Madelynn, 3 years and 3 months

Madelynn is THE entertainer.  She sings, dances, pretends, impersonates, tells stories; you name it, she's doing it.  Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift and she has memorized at least six of her songs.  She still loves to sing and dance with Jonathan and Annabella to youtube videos.  She also has a Barbie microphone that connects to an iPod.  We gave her my old iPod shuffle and loaded it with Taylor Swift and Sugarland songs.  She'll spend an hour singing along with them, dancing, and putting on a show.  She's constantly making up new dance moves and showing them off every chance she gets.  Another new thing she's started doing is convincing me to allow her to do something because "daddy said yes".  Or if she doesn't want to do something it's because, "daddy said no".  Of course, it works the other way around.  She's still a great sister to "her baby" and is always sweet and teaching her new things (when she's not refusing to share).  She's often telling us how proud of us she is and how much she loves us.  She will not hesitate to correct us, either.  I've gotten elbowed and been told, "Mommy, don't be rude" on more than one occasion.  

Madelynn is also ecstatic about "the baby in mommy's tummy".  She talks about him/her frequently and convinces us all that it's a boy.  She can't wait to "teach it how to eat, how to sleep, how to walk, how to dance and to change it's diapers and help mommy".  I really hope she holds up her end of the bargain, ESPECIALLY the diaper part.  

Annabella, 16 months

Annabella has been talking up a storm!  She's also started putting short sentences together which is really surprising us.  So far, she can say:

  • kit, kit, kit, kit... (kitty)
  • pup, pup, pup, pup...
  • down
  • up
  • tickle, tickle (while tickling herself or us)
  • bye bye
  • night night
  • I go down
  • she's working on "i love you"
  • sissy
  • mama
  • da-da
  • nose
Every now and then, she'll repeat exactly what we say, but she hasn't started saying those words on a regular basis.  I'm sure I'm missing some more words, but those are her most regularly spoken.  

She also loves to dance and sing, with or without Madelynn.  She's started singing the "ooooooh" part of 'I Knew You Were Trouble' by Taylor Swift and asks for it on a regular basis.  When I put it on for her, she dances and squeals so hard!  She'll eat anything we put in front of her, sleeps like an angel, and is learning to walk in public without having her stroller.  She's listening pretty well and always eager to help.  Lately she's been trying to walk with my shoes on and she uses anything with a handle as a purse.  Her favorite toys are books, baby dolls, and doll houses.

Annabella is extremely affectionate and is always loving on all of us.  She'll walk right up to Madelynn and hug her.  Neither of them can go to sleep without "sissy hugs and kisses".  

We are extremely blessed with two amazingly well-behaved, smart, and loving little girls.  We definitely see our share of tantrums and selfishness, as is expected, but they usually dissipate quickly.  While I still can't believe they are already as big as they are, we are enjoying the stage they are in right now so much.  I absolutely cannot wait for our new baby to get here and add his/her flare to our family!

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