Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Georgia Baby Flour Trap

We love watching Duck Dynasty.  I always try to catch the new episode on Wednesday nights and most Friday nights I watch the reruns.  (What an exciting Friday night, right?)  The clip below is from the episode where Martin loses his lizard and Phil uses what he calls the Louisiana Flour Trap to catch him.  He sprinkles flour on the floor and starts looking for lizard tracks.  Take a moment and familiarize yourself-it'll all make sense in a minute.

So...skip ahead to a few days after I had seen this episode for the first time.  It was a Monday afternoon during nap time.  Madelynn is hit or miss during nap time.  Some days she lays down and falls to sleep within seconds.  Other days (like this day) she gets up 100 times and drives me insane.  I had already been upstairs at least 5 times to threaten her and put her back to sleep, so by this point I was fed up when I heard her little feet running down the hall.  I creeped up the stairs expecting to find her playing in her playroom, but she wasn't there.  Nor was she in her bedroom and I didn't see her in my bedroom.  I was starting to get panicked, but right before I called for her I saw this on my bathroom floor:

Yes, my daughter had set her own "Louisiana Flour Trap", except this time instead of flour, she had poured baby powder ALL over my bathroom!  And walked through it, exposing herself.  It turned out she was still in the bathroom, just out of sight, and still pouring powder on my floor/tub/rugs/etc.  

And that my friends is how Madelynn invented the Georgia Baby Powder Trap. 

Have a great night!


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